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Extreme Ski boats was started as an informational site on all the different types of boats available out there, we serve information such as the difference between fiber glass and aluminum boats, tips on maintenance, expected costs to consider when purchasing your new boat, and the best marina location to serve your needs.We also discuss used boats, things to consider while buying used boats and pitfalls to avoid. We are here to serve your boating needs and to ensure that you have the best boating experience. Local marinas have offered to help us to provide you with the most up to date knowledge.

When you are new to the boating scene it is very easy to rush into a bad decision, this is what we look to eliminate as Extreme Ski Boats, our goal is to put an end to the bad decisions while providing our readers with the correct tools to assist them in making the right ones. One of the biggest mistakes made by new boaters, is deciding on a proper marina for their boating equipment. A lot of the times, we find that boaters are docking their boats at marinas which are convenient to them via automobile. What they don’t realize is that some marinas are actually very far from ideal boating destinations. Saving money in their auto gas, actually makes it more expensive for the fuel needed to run their boating equipment.

The website is not only about ski boats, as we update our resources we will expand our library of tips to include all other boating types, we will also provide consumers with reviews and recommendations for places to visit and marinas to dock at along the way. We also have an on-call trip advisor available for all of your trip, boating, docking, and equipment questions.

Not only do we provide tips and information you will need for your ski and boating equipment, but we will get you in contact with several different ski and boating experts. Many of the experts you will meet will be available to meet you at different marinas across the country. They are trained experts who can offer you on-site marina support. Be sure to inquire with which trainer is located per marina. Check out some of our links above and below for up to date advice and tips.

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